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Since 1974 the International Computer Music Conference has been the major international forum for the presentation of the full range of outcomes from technical and musical research, both musical and theoretical, related to the use of computers in music. This annual conference regularly travels the globe, with recent conferences in the Americas, Europe and Asia. This year we welcome the conference to Slovenia for the first time.


The 2012 International Computer Music Conference will be held in Ljubljana, Slovenia. It is organized by IRZU - the Institute for Sonic Arts Research and supported by the Faculty of Computer and Information Science as well as the Faculty of Arts, University of Ljubljana. IRZU is a young non government organization, based on an interdisciplinary concept and is conducting artistic productions in the field of electro-acoustic music / inter-media performances and installations, as well as audio technology research and educational activities. The ICMC 2012 will be held in cllaboration with our annual sonic arts festival EarZoom which is becoming a referential international platform for discussing the latest developments within audio technology research well as critical and conceptual approaches in sonic arts practices.


The conference welcomes the submission of a wide range of papers and music, covering all aspects of technical, creative and aesthetic issues around the use of computers in music. The theme of the 2012 conference is "Non-Cochlear Sound", which can be understood as an analogy to the Duchampian notion of non-retinal art. The phrase "Non-Cochlear Sound" was coined by artist and writer, Seth Kim-Cohen, in his 2009 book In The Blink Of An Ear: Toward A Non-Cochlear Sonic Art.
The aim is to investigate the potential of sound as a medium and further, the potentials of music in conjunction with new technologies to create new possibilities of artistic expression, which could create a closer relation to language and consequentially, enable generation of meaning and production of knowledge. Submissions emphasizing this theme are particularly welcomed and, like in the recent years, ICMC 2012 will again include a piece plus paper category in which it will be possible for such links to be made explicit. The conference will also be programmed to juxtapose paper sessions on particular topics with concerts in which related ideas inform musical works.


Important dates:

- 10th June - early registration deadline - Register


- 29th August - late registration deadline - Register


- 9th Sptember - ICMC starts

ICMC2012 Chairs:


Miha Ciglar - conference chair

Matija Marolt - paper chair

Martin Kaltenbrunner - paper co-chair
Mauricio Valdes - music chair

Gregor Pompe - music co-chair

Steven Loy - music co-chair

Brane Zorman - music co-chair

--Music Program Committee:
George Boenn
Daniël Schorno
Alex Mclean
Andreas Weixler
Edgar Barroso
Christopher Haworth
Franziska Shroeder
Maja Cerar
Rodrigo Sigal
Gregorio Jiménez
Volkmar Klien
Rogelio Sosa
Thomas Grill
Se-Lien Chuang
Scott McLaughlin
Somaya Langley
Robert Ratcliffe

--Paper Program Committee:

Markus Noisternig
Fredric Bevilacqua
Daniel Quaranta
Cathy Lane
Arthur  Flexer
Thor Magnusson
Ge Wang
Pedro Rebelo
Diemo Schwarz
Luc Dobereiner
Jaime Oliver
Stefania Serafin
Miller Puckette
Juan Pablo Bello
Jean Bresson
Rogger Dannenberg
Hans Timmermans
Gascia Ouzounian
Philippe Pasquier
Alberto DeCampo
Georg Holzmann
William Brent
Chryssie Nanou

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